Five Rows Craft Wine of Lowrey Vineyards

Though we see the soul of our winery as inseparable from the vineyard, we carry a different name. Five Rows Craft Wine is inspired by the 5 generations of spirit and hard work that has carried 65 acres of farm land through a long history. The people, the winters, the hardship of farming and the harvest of good fortune — a virtuous family tradition.

In 1984, my father, Howard Wesley Lowrey was convinced by the region's grandfather of wine - Karl Kaiser — to rip up their livelihood of tender fruit and juice grapes and plant wine grapes — vinifera. Taking a deep breath and a lot of chance, he planted 5 rows of Pinot Noir — our winery's namesake gesture. And so it began, our life in wine.


If there is one recurring current or theme that comes to me in the vineyard while relishing in the joy of the first buds, or when drawing my cap tight over my eyes in a blinding rain on the tractor, it's that I am only a steward to this land — well into my shift before handing over the keys to the next rightful servant. For 5 generations the Lowrey family has understood their relationship with the land and has consequently treated it with kindness, honesty and reverence. As a result the land has been good to us.

Growing Sustainably - still

With only 35 acres of land under vine, the excess and demands of high volume wine production is not our concern. Rather we are afforded more natural and gentler approaches to managing our vineyards and vines. By limiting artificial pest control and resisting temptation to fertilize, we allow the earth to do its job while we invite the hard work of dealing with the vines by hand. We understand that this philosophy will limit the amount of wine we can produce, but at the end of the long day, that's exactly how we like it.